This I Know

26 Sep


This I Know

Grandaddy, if you were here
you would tell him that I am a happy accident.
So the benediction of my laughter
is something like coffee needing sugar and cream
each morning.
That my bottle blue eyes
are a secret place for a man’s prayers,
clear capped
and echoing the rippled heavens.
You found revelation
when you held me so tight.
You would say that in love, life
will begin to mean more to him,
simple things like a beignet chocolat’
or a sip of barrel bourbon
or a bowl of blackberry cobbler
or a biscuit flattened by too much love in the rolling.
You would say that
at supper, sitting next to me,
our shared bread can heal a heart,
memories made among the crumbs and crust.
You would tell him
he shouldn’t fear losing me,
not even if he goes afore.
My tears would be a baptism,
a salvation in long white arms
and auburn tresses.
If you were here,
you’d tell him so
and more of loving me.
This, I know.

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