The Cardinal Points

9 Feb

As I have been talking with my friends about my weekend wanderings, more than a few interesting realizations have revealed themselves, so much so that I’m surprised by how many lessons the Universe is throwing at me. It strikes me that I’m beginning to “box the compass”, determining the points by which I can navigate. These four seem to be directing the path for me at least for the next two weekend’s adventures.

North: Audience. I suppose I launched this writing enterprise without much thought to who might be interested or have time enough to read it. I just knew I had to do it for myself. That’s all. As I talked with my friend Laura, though, I realized I’m still afraid to really put it all out there. And as much as I might like to deny it, I’m still nervous that my writing isn’t “good enough”. It’s the whole, “who do I think I am promoting my own writing as if its literary” deal.   So, I realized the blog design needs to change, and a link to a social networking site has to happen. In effect, I’m assuming my adventures are worth reading about. Even though my graphic ability isn’t stellar, if I’m really serious about showing people that they don’t have to wait to go places to learn and live, especially women, then I need to get serious. Which leads me to lesson two.

South: Lighten Up. As a deep and serious person, sense of humor is an area I need improvement upon. I can be funny, especially in the classroom, but incorporating more humor into what I write about is needed. Deep and touching can only go so far. In humor, there is also wisdom. My next post about Japanese food expands upon that. Which leads me to lesson three.

East: Get real about the money I’m spending. Thursday in class discussion with my kids, the idea that I am virtually “dating” myself hit me. I don’t really know how people do it, then, for two. I mean, it costs me a fair bit to go places and attend events every weekend. While the events aren’t nosebleed expensive, $20 dollars here, $50 there adds up. And hotels? Well, we won’t go there. I’m working on it. But I know that I’m meant to be doing this, finding the way is all. That means that this weekend, and next, I plan to stay in home port and find hidden gems nearby. Events that aren’t expensive, food that is fresh and good, at reasonable prices are around and I want to be able to share that with others. Its not about spending a bunch of money. Its about the experience. Last night my friend, Jim said to me, “You know Cyndi you notice what 98% of other people don’t even see in an ordinary event. You pick out one thing and zone in on it and the lesson is there. It makes me want to pay more attention to things when I go places.” That gave me a lot to think about.

West: Post an itinerary. Where am I going next? It strikes me that anticipation is half of the fun for me. In two weeks, I’ll be heading to the Richmond Wine Expo, and seeing vintage burlesque that night. Then, I’ll be reviewing Selba in Carytown the following morning. I’m totally excited. But for those who Jim affectionately calls “armchair adventurers”, I want them to be excited, too. When I traveled around this past summer on my bucket list adventures (by the way…those stories are in the archives) a lot of it was posted to Facebook. It shocked me just how many people were following me, wanting to see the pictures, to hear about my experiences. If I have been given this ability, to journey, to write, to glean a wisdom or two from the doing of it, then I want to share that. Connection is the gift of the Universe…sharing heals all losses. It heals me to know you are on the journey with me, even in the blogosphere.

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