Tasting Karma

23 May


I like to lick
candied anise in
it’s bitter darkness.
To suck the sweet sharp
rock of it smooth
to the candy core,
letting a lump linger,
and then,
to click the backs
of my bottom teeth
in half sweet – half sickening repose.

In every rasp of
my tongue,
the paradoxical pleasure
I get
from the dissolving
of your parodied intimacies
my lemon lavender
you once devoured
in thoughtless instants,
like a complementary mint
pulled from an old jacket pocket
in soon forgotten surprise.

I like to savor
the painful justice
in my sugar sanded maw,
to bathe
the high roof
of my mouth
in echoing arias
from my stinging tongue,
lying behind
a smile
you once wore,
a sardonic lipped curl
watching your heart
hit the floor.

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