Lessons From the Giants

24 Jun


Tenatively, I always ask permission. May I touch you great one? Will my hand hold enough thankfulness for the air you create?

Lessons I’ve learned from giants . . .

Be still.
Allow the wind to blow through you bringing forth wisdom.
Grow. From the core outward push layer upon layer of time into a protective mantle of beauty and strength.
Anchor your roots. Near the surface and at the edges but deepest at the core.
Let not many walk close beside you. And those who step lightly do least damage.
Breathe in the surrounding air and energy. Balance inner to outer by take and give….give and take.
Fear not fire.
Great ones scorch, never die. Cracking black bark marks time.
Leave seeds, bits of Self which through fire take to the earth
and grow
and speak
and love
under the sun
under a great white moon.

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