Fire Flies

7 Jul
Super Moon. June 23, 2013

Super Moon. June 23, 2013

Flaming chrysanthemums
blossom the night sky,
kamikaze petals
of incendiary red
sizzle in the humid air
over the yard,
an ordinary fourth in July.
A match flame
a fuse fully
before the scramble
of rubber soled sandals
down the tar top lane.
A pause.
Powder pops into
a mosaic of
fire frond and papery leaf,
a glitter golden bang
to float
to fall
in sparkling ash
over the shoulders
of my dark holly,
her night black ribs
veiled in smoke
after flashing seconds.

Three counts quiet.

Wooden door sharply shuts on
a barking dog
and a siren
pulse and glow
then low
in her dark green canopy,
spreading open
a parachute of peace
for my one

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