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In the Morning Dew

31 Oct

On August 7, 2014 I had the opportunity to see Warren Haynes and the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration in Charlottesville, Virginia. In the middle of his rendition of “In the Morning Dew”, Beloved spoke.

Arching above,

deepening blue eddies of night breeze

around rivulets of sound,

comes a call

into the morning dew

wrapped in green glass light

like the tiny flecks of murano gold

swirling inside a Tuscan morning.


Crescendo symphony,

a collective wave of stardust and melody

rolls around my hip to spine

like the velvet curving of a cat’s tail

around a dreaming child’s pale foot

open to the innocent air.



a quickening

like ebbing water,



back and back

the strings of

bass and verse,

harmony high and clarion beam

building the soaring

surge that begs

for flight.


Arms lifting

along the body’s line,

stretching up the measured notes,

my soul leaps to glide

in weightless tone.

Before the laughing fall

into a vast green

swell of all,

a juxtaposed surprise appears

against familiar refrain.


In the morning dew,

I saw you,

there too.

Falling From Flight

29 Oct

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She looks to the sky as once she did.

A ferry crossing to Ocracoke on a cold December evening in 2012. Sunset has turned now to sunrise and  enormous clouds. Their magenta pink and cerulean blue expanses have become the sign that we, Beloved and I, are crossing back into the ordinary world. Skyborn images fill the camera on the daily drive to my job.

I am a Teacher again. Beloved is not.

Beloved is a writer and visionary artist.  And she is the most genuine part of me. It’s not as if I ever stopped teaching, but now the load encroaches upon the world we discovered and grew. It threatens much that was built since this journey began. Balance is the challenge, and we are losing the fight.

Back in June, I knew this space was necessary for my expression. Somehow it made the journey easier. In August, the feeling that a cycle was coming to a close was true. It is. . .day by day. However, the final leg is difficult, I won’t lie. And I have neither map nor plan, other than the lessons and skills learned through the creation of this body of work, both real-time and in the virtual world.

As ever, Joe Campbell abides; the archetype stands.  We are in the final ordeal and returning.

I didn’t want to come back…but knowing enough of archetype,   there is no escaping return to the ordinary world.

The following series of poems were written through the most chaotic part of this journey. Every portion of life unraveled beginning in August 2014. I’m nearly four weeks into sleeping soundly through the night, for the most part. Severe insomnia is torture. I hadn’t experienced it to this level since I was nine years old. Needless to say, it truly altered my engagement with the world and view of the journey. Although I am much better now and more rested, miles still must be traveled…

We aren’t  home yet.

The series is entitled, “Falling from Flight”. The first four were written between August  8 and September 2, 2014. The last, October 28.

  • In the Morning Dew
  • Temperance
  • First Class
  • Resolution
  • Somewhere Between Nowhere and Home

I’ll release one a day, beginning Samhain, October 31. (The Celtic New Year) Somehow I must keep this space alive and engaged, or lose who I have become. There is no option but to win this last battle.

Be Well,


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