1 Nov



Sometimes the only way to find yourself, is to lose yourself for a little while. Don’t worry, you’ll be there when you get back.

“Temperance” was written on August 15, 2014.


Your eyes,

amber gold glancing

beams like heat lightning

across the black indigo night horizon

lights the way of

our first harvest.



rich breath upon breath

slowly opening from seeded soul,

a nodding bloom

bends down to graze

the earthen skin

which birthed it.


I drink


tempered water,

virgin dew,

from grasses bending

like dancers at barre

their languid leaning napes

glazed to sheen

by the rhythmic bowing

of parting plié.


Your mouth,


it’s peachy sweetness

upon the slope of my chin

and tongue.

Damp to air,

this freckled flesh


your scent

till time wicks away

all in the turning

and the turning.


A slide and

tangle of knee and bone,

velvet flesh swelling

below the dip of ribs,

like a barracuda slicing

one silver sliding crest

to press


this narrow glove

lined in electric ocean.

A mountain encradles

a fiery sea.


Pushing from

sea bottom over mountain side,

Love melts

red clod

to silted dust,

a pressing potent must

no vessel can ripen.

Our Selves,

skinless vines,

wrapped in ripples,

this spiraling dance


the Universe.


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